Privacy Policy


Procedure on disclosure etc. requests from Customers
Daikin MR Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "DMRE", "we", "us" etc.) will handle requests from you with respect to disclosure etc. of your personal information in accordance with the following procedures.

Please refer to Privacy Policy here.

1.How to request disclosure etc.

In case of requesting to disclose etc. your data, you should please fill in below specified documents and enclose documents to prove her or his identity and post such request.
We receive requests at the department in charge of handling your personal information. In case it is not clear which department is in charge, the request can be made to the following address.

Shin-osaka Central-tower 11F, 5-5-15, Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0011, Japan
Daikin MR Engineering Co., Ltd. Contact on Personal Information

2.Documents to be submitted in case of disclosure etc. request

(1) Documents designated by DMRE
Please print out, fill in, and sign the attached document as applicable.
(2) Documents necessary for personal identification
Please enclose a copy of either of these documents. The copy should show the name and address of the person who holds the personal information.
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Health Insurance ID
  • Pension Handbook
(3) Request through a representative
If the request is made through a representative of the data subject, in addition to the documents to verify the identity of the representative (see paragraph before), please also enclose the power of attorney of the representative.

3.How disclosure etc. requests will be responded

We will respond to disclosure etc. requests by a registered letter to your address. Note we will send such letter to you even if the request was made through a representative.
We may respond by post, phone, or otherwise on requests to rectify or cease the use of data.

4.Reasons when disclosure of data is not possible

Disclosure requests will be refused in the following circumstances. We will, however, notify such refusal adding the reason thereof.

  • If the application documents are incomplete
  • In case of a failure to verify the identity of the applicant - e.g. if the address depicted on the application documents and/or the documents to verify the person do not match with our data
  • In case of a failure to verify the identity or the authority of the representative - we may contact the data subject in order to verify the representative`s authority
  • In case, after investigation, it is confirmed that we do not have the personal information requested
  • In case the disclosure may cause a risk to the life, safety, property or other rights of the data subject or of other individual(s) or if such disclosure may have detrimental impact on our operations, and/or if such disclosure violates applicable laws.
  • In case refusal of the request is lawful under the applicable law.